A Cautionary Tale to all Vulnerable Women in Ireland  


The following horror story is of what one particular Victim endured over the past 10 years and is in no way a unique tale, but unfortunately has become a very common occurrence in Ireland since the introduction of the Internet.

 This method of communication has allowed disparate groups who were during the past restricted to plying their varying and obscene perversions on helpless alone victims in their own towns, to now make contact with One-Another across Ireland and so multiply their control over these vulnerable and powerless women

Sharing their modus operandi and techniques of control, along with exchanging names, addresses, photos along with complete profiles of their victims they have made a single victim from One Group, now available to the whole perverted community.

These unfortunate Women have no place to hide from the perpetrators; even leaving the country is no longer an escape from them as their Photos and Profiles are posted by these perverts on many user groups, social networking sites and adult websites throughout the Internet.

The only way forward, is to Name and Shame all known members of these groups and let them try to prove in open court, their innocence of wrong doing against those honest trusting women who believed in their lies and deceptions.